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Looking to migrate from osTicket?

Considering a switch from osTicket to a different solution? LiveAgent is here to help you take care of customer service inquiries effectivelySwitch to a multi-channel ticketing solution and migrate your data today. Provide better customer support with a fully featured help desk solution. 

Get access to a ticketing system that handles emails, live chat, call center, social media, and customer portal. Try it out for free with our 30-day trial today.

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Why you should migrate to LiveAgent

Here are 3 main benefits of using LiveAgent.

Increased satisfaction

Reliable customer service software means better workflow, happier customers and increased conversion rates. 

Saves time and money

LiveAgent offers a rich package for an affordable price and that’s what makes it a great customer service software

Better conversion rates

Provide the best customer support and turn your website visitors and prospects into paying customers.

osTicket vs LiveAgent comparison

Live Chat✅Yes❌No
Call Center✅Yes❌No
Knowledge Base✅Yes✅Yes
Customer Forum✅Yes✅Yes
Automation and Rules✅Yes✅Yes
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) ✅Yes❌No
Video Calls✅Yes❌No
Unlimited History✅Yes❌No
Unlimited Websites✅Yes❌No
Unlimited Chat Buttons✅Yes❌No
Unlimited Tickets/Mails✅Yes✅Yes
Unlimited Call Recording✅Yes❌No
Unlimited 24/7 Support✅Yes❌No
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Start your trial and migrate

Migrate everything you require so you can start solving customer issues right away. Start getting familiar with LiveAgent

If you run into any trouble or want to learn something new, make sure to contact us. Our customer support team is available 24/7 for any questions you might have about LiveAgent.

Benefits of migrating to LiveAgent

Have a look at what you get when you decide to migrate to LiveAgent

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Multi-channel ticketing system

Emails, live chat, call center, customer portal, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Viber

money icon

Cost effective help desk

Pay for what you need and nothing else. Add custom features to your plan when you need them

On time resolution

Increased efficiency with features

Every tools is backed up with productivity features that help you automate and ease your workflow

Extension puzzle piece

Integrations with over 140 apps

Integrate the apps with our plugins that help you to stay focused and switch less between windows

Get access to our multi-channel ticketing system

When you migrate, you can look forward to expanding your reach and covering more communication channels than before. Handle email tickets, live chat, call center, customer portal, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Viber Get familiar with your new toolset while we migrate your data and learn how to provide support across all important communication channels.
Reports in Help desk software - LiveAgent

Provide support across all important channels

LiveAgent streamlines multiple customer service channels into one piece of software
LiveAgent Product Tour | Live Agent02:25Youtube video: LiveAgent Product Tour
Live Agent

Ready? Let's migrate your data

Start your free 30-day trial and get familiar with LiveAgent. When you decide you want to migrate your data, call us or leave us a message via live chat or email. We’ll discuss your data migration and make sure you get all of your data from osTicket into LiveAgent.

Want to find out more first? Have a look at our Tour video or browse through features, integrations or other pages to find out more about LiveAgent

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LiveAgent is the most reviewed and #1 rated help desk software for smb in 2020. Join top companies like Huawei and Yamaha in providing great support.

Moving from LiveHelpNow to LiveAgent?

LiveAgent offers customer service software, VoIP phone systems, and various integrations to improve marketing reputation and productivity. It also provides features like multi-channel communication, ticket management, and automation to support sustainable business growth. Try it for free to see how it can benefit your business.

LiveAgent is a help desk solution that connects multiple channels in one interface. Would you like to migrate from LivePerson to LiveAgent? We've got you.

Migrating from LivePerson?

LiveAgent is highly recommended by users for improving response time, customer satisfaction, and sales. It offers prompt support and improves communication with customers.

Looking to migrate your data from Helpshift to a different solution? Have a look at LiveAgent and see the benefits. Start your free trial today.

Migrating from Helpshift?

LiveAgent is a highly recommended customer service solution that greatly improves communication and support for businesses, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and sales.

Looking to migrate your data from Front to a different solution? Have a look at LiveAgent and see the benefits. Start your free trial today.

Migrating from Front?

LiveAgent is praised by various businesses for improving customer service, communication, and support. It has led to increased customer satisfaction, improved response times, and higher conversion rates. This all-in-one tool is highly recommended for its reliability, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness.

Looking to migrate from Dashly to different software? Have a look at LiveAgent, compare and migrate your data today.

Moving from Dashly to LiveAgent?

LiveAgent offers a range of customer service software and VoIP phone systems to improve marketing reputation and productivity. It focuses on personal connections and exceptional experiences to sustain business growth. Migrating from other solutions is possible, and LiveAgent has been used by well-known companies such as Huawei and BMW. It also offers a customer forum and workflows that can be automated to eliminate repetitive tasks.

Looking to migrate your data from Customerly to a different solution? Have a look at LiveAgent and see the benefits. Start your free trial today.

Moving from Customerly to LiveAgent?

Customers and their clients have switched from ZenDesk to LiveAgent due to its advanced automation, integrations, affordable pricing, and great support. Users appreciate LiveAgent's email system, file attachment options, and mobile platform stability. Its functionality, contact forms, live chat, and databases are also well-received. Overall, LiveAgent is considered a great value for money and the best choice for a support tool.

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