The best eCommerce live chat software

The best eCommerce live chat software

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on February 28, 2023 at 10:57 am

Even though 2020 might have been a pretty unusual year as it changed the way we live and function as a society, it also brought many positive aspects. To give you a sense of hope, we would like to mention that we’ve had the highest drop in carbon emissions since the end of the Second World War, Taylor Swift released a surprise album, Folklore, and the importance of live chat in customer service has skyrocketed.

As many companies were “forced” to move their operations online, they realized that live chat might be a game-changer for their success. But why is it like that? And if they have to make the decision to choose the best live chat for their eCommerce store, what options are available? Which software is the best? We have decided to answer these and other questions in our article, so get a cup of coffee and settle in.

What is live chat software?

Live chat software is a tool that provides real-time communication between customers and companies usually through a live chat widget. It’s a service that allows businesses to immediately respond to customer queries, help them with the shopping process, provide post-sale technical support, or answer any questions that might arise at any point in their customer experience.

Brief history

Over the years, businesses have implemented several kinds of customer support services, all to increase sales, boost efficiency, and ultimately, make their customers happy. What started as pre-historical call support in the ‘60s (Private automated business exchanges) has evolved into much more complex software consisting of multi-channel communication tools, integrations with 3rd party solutions, and the goal to provide seamless customer support across multiple platforms.

Live chat played an important role in the past also, however, as of today it has established itself as one of the most crucial and useful aspects of customer service. Today, live chat applications have a 73% customer approval rating. In comparison, email comes with a 61% approval rating, being the second-best.

Live chat vs. chatbot – what is the difference?

Live Chat


  • Agents provide real human interaction 
  • Handles complex issues efficiently 
  • Agent understanding of needs and queries is on a higher level than chatbots
  • Agents provide human touch or create emotional connections


  • Lower efficiency for simple, repetitive, and straightforward queries
  • Limitation on number of ongoing chats at the same time
  • Higher costs for initial training of agentsRequires more resources



  • Useful for monotonous queries
  • Fast assistance without the need for humans
  • Can handle unlimited chats at the same time


  • A superficial understanding of customer expectations
  • Usually cannot handle complex customer queries

The importance of live chat support 

We live in a digital age where each business aims to ensure instant customer service and fast replies. When properly executed, customer service can have a significant impact on the success of a business, reduce churn, and increase the happiness of the end-users. As time goes by, more and more businesses find live chat software to be the best solution for improving the customer experience, keeping costs low, and ultimately building long-term connections. But why is that so?

Reasons why a business needs live chat support


Live chat software is extremely convenient for customers, as it provides real-time customer support. Unlike traditional call support, live chat eliminates long queue times and allows potential buyers to multi-task. More than 50% of users have declared that they prefer live chat solely for this reason. More importantly, 44% of online consumers say that having their questions answered by a live agent while in the middle of a purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer. Live chat is an efficient tool for improving customer engagement on an eCommerce site, allowing both potential and current buyers to make more informed decisions.

Cost-effective solution

Live chat software saves money since it is more efficient than regular phone support or traditional email communication. It enables agents to handle multiple chats at the same time while increasing customer average order values. Allocating resources to live chat software also reduces the overall costs associated with the support department.

Gained competitive advantage

Customers expect online stores and online companies to be available 24/7/365. This expectation has never been more important than today. Real-time customer support is being recognized by companies all around the world. Businesses of all sizes and industries realize that in order to stay relevant and one step ahead of the competition, live chat is a necessity.

Resource-efficient tool

As mentioned above, live chat is a tool that maximizes productivity and efficiency, as it allows for multitasking and answering multiple chats at once. It also increases conversion rates by more than 20%. According to Forrester, if there is no one to answer customer questions or concerns, 45% of US consumers would leave a website in the middle of an online transaction.

The #1 rated live chat for eCommerce

Ready to switch over to the best live chat solution on the block? Start with a free 14-day trial -- no strings attached, no credit card required.

Sound customer relationships

When customers are satisfied with your service, they are less likely to switch over to your competition. For 89% of customers, poor customer experience has been the reason for cutting ties with certain businesses.

Positive impact 

Live chat software is an extremely beneficial technology. However, to reap the benefits, companies have to focus on proper implementation that includes:

  • Creating an attractive live chat widget (aligned with the company branding)
  • Having dedicated, well-trained customer service agents
  • Prioritizing customer experience and satisfaction above all other company goals

Negative impact

However, businesses also encounter challenges connected to live chat software, such as:

  • Inexperienced support agents, who lack the product/service knowledge or are not able to connect with customers
  • Not enough manpower
  • Delayed responses or interrupted communication

How to choose the best live chat software? 

Choosing the best live chat software for companies or entities with different backgrounds can be tricky, as the best live chat software for an eCommerce business is not the same as live chat for websites or blogs. Specific needs, available resources, and goals have to be considered when choosing the right software for your businesses.

Overview of live chat services focusing on eCommerce

Relying on cloud solutions can make a great impact on eCommerce companies, and live chat software is one of the key players in this field. The availability of features and integrations, SLAs, pricing and customization options, and ease of use are the most important characteristics to look for. After extensive market research and consideration, the deployment of a live chat widget brings the above-mentioned benefits in addition to:

  • Decreased cart abandonment rates
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Customer feedback data collection

The essential live chat features for an eCommerce store

The best live chat software shouldn’t provide only basic functionality, but rather something extra. The core features each company should look for when choosing a live chat software should be the: 

  • Ability to design and customize the look of the chat button and chat window
  • Availability of proactive chat invitations that invite customers to chat
  • Inclusion of pre-chat forms and post-chat agent surveys
  • Availability of pre-made answers that save time and resources
  • Access to an unlimited chat history and all chat transcripts
  • The option to have detailed insight into collected customer information
  • Integration with 3rd party software

Specific live chat solutions offer unique features such as the real-time typing view that lets you see what your customers are typing even before they send their message, the option to create and implement chatbots, or the opportunity to continue the conversation via follow-up emails in the same ticket thread.

Top 20 live chat solutions for eCommerce compared


LiveAgent is the leader in the omnichannel help desk software industry according to several 3rd party software directories and marketplaces. It combines multiple communication channels such as emails, real-time live chat, a built-in call center, social network integrations, and customer portal capabilities into a single solution.

LiveAgent’s live chat was built with 3 principles in mind. The first one is the simplicity of the tool and the ease with which users can create chat buttons and place them on their website. Doing so is a matter of a few minutes, as most of the integration can be done by copy-pasting the specific code into the footer of your site. The second pillar of LiveAgent’s success is its speed, as it is currently the fastest live chat software available on the market. The chat widget has a short loading time of 2.5 seconds. The last pillar is the real-time typing view, a feature, that enables customer support agents to see what the customer is typing even before they hit send.

LiveAgent’s other features such as a powerful universal inbox, automation tools, integrations with more than 50 solutions, and the customer portal are all features that help companies make customer service easy. The live chat pricing starts at $9 per month per user and also includes the ticketing features. LiveAgent offers a free 14-day trial. If you’re looking for a forever free plan, LiveAgent also provides this option.

Fully explore LiveAgent

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Intercom is a live chat service that is built for sales and lead generation. The software targets website visitors, monitors their behavior, and routes them to appropriate company departments based on their needs. Intercom plans also contain email marketing, automation features, advanced visitor tracking, and lead qualification. 

Intercom outshines other solutions with its modern and appealing chat windows and buttons with rich customization options. Intercom’s strength lies in its automation features and the inclusion of chatbots. Users can set up simple, yet competent bots, that will reply to basic questions before the chat is routed to an appropriate agent or department.

The pricing of the available plans can be considered expensive for smaller companies that count each penny. The cheapest plan starts at $39 per month for one agent seat, while the most advanced plan can be as expensive as $499 per month for 10 agent seats. Besides regular pricing, Intercom also offers add-ons, which are charged on a monthly basis and include options such as product tours, advanced lead generation, or advanced support automation. Smaller companies should bear in mind that these add-ons cost $199 per month, which can significantly increase their live chat software expenses.

So who does Intercom fit best? Medium-sized to large businesses with dedicated customer support and sales teams that need to cooperate closely.


Freshchat is one of the largest players in the customer service game. It is a conversation and messenger app, that offers real-time communication with clients and website visitors. Freshchat is part of a much broader solution that is offered by the Freshworks company. 

The live chat itself is a powerful solution that manages real-time interactions. Since it forms a crucial part of a more complex solution, it is easy to integrate with other services, can segment visitors based on specific criteria, and comes with a built-in chatbot for lead generation. The chat widget is also capable of live translations (which are pretty decent, however, they do not understand common questions very well), and an agent load balancer tied with comprehensive team performance reports. 

Freshchat offers pricing that is available to companies of any size or type. It comes with a  free 14-day trial and the pricing starts from $15 per agent per month and ends with $69 per agent per month for the top-tier plan. Freshchat’s great advantage is its free plan, which includes 100 agent seats, however limits the communication to 10,000 unique monthly visitors. is a free live chat tool. All of the available features are available to all customers free of charge. Providing a completely free tool is rare, with most businesses looking for the catch. Let us assure you that there is none– as long as you’re okay with branding on your chat widget.

The solution offers a customizable chat widget window, unlimited users, and an unlimited number of chat widgets on an unlimited number of websites. It also offers features like canned responses and unlimited chat history. integrates with 3rd party software such as BigCommerce, Shopify, and Squarespace through native integrations. goes the extra mile by providing companies with the opportunity to hire remote customer service agents for as little as $1 per hour so you can provide sustainable 24/7 customer support to your end-users. The best part about the solution is that it’s free, however, it also has setbacks like a  lack of advanced reporting features or the outdated look of existing chat buttons.


Zendesk is a popular multi-channel help desk software, that offers companies of any size and industry powerful customer service solutions. The real appeal of Zendesk lies in its ability to create a customized package that fully reflects the specific needs of your business.

Zendesk Chat offers robust live chat features and is fully integrated with other Zendesk products. As such, it’s the best choice for customers who are already using other Zendesk software. The chat software features a well-designed and user-friendly dashboard, a vast range of integrations with 3rd party software, and customizable live chat widgets. A great addition to the software is the availability of more than 40 different language translations and powerful routing and tracking options. 

The chat widget has native applications for both iOS and Android, meaning Zendesk Chat users can provide customer support even on the go. A truly standout feature of Zendesk is the inclusion of chatbots to automate simple and commonly asked questions, as well as its conversion tracking and ability to create specific roles for customer support representatives. 

Zendesk offers a free, however, pretty limited plan that allows having only one concurrent chat session. As we mentioned previously, the pricing varies case by case as it depends on your specific needs.

So, which eCommerce companies should consider this solution? Mainly medium-sized to large companies as it comes with a higher price tag. 

ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat is known for being one of the top eCommerce live chat software in the market. As real-time chat software, it helps businesses connect with their website visitors proactively while identifying the right engagement opportunities. ProProfs Chat is one of the customer support solutions developed and offered by ProProfs.

Besides managing real-time conversations, this live chat solution is perfect for generating market qualified leads for your business. With features like pre-chat form and offline messages, it is easy to capture information on qualified leads. What’s more, users can even enable the chatbot to not only capture leads but also streamline the customer support requests for their operators. Users can integrate your favorite CRM software to store leads automatically and help your sales team approach them later on. Other than CRM integration, you can also create your support suite with its native apps like knowledge base, help desk, survey maker and BigContacts for free.

ProProfs Chat pricing packages were designed keeping all businesses in mind. Users can start off with the 15-days free trial to understand if the product meets their expectations. Once the trial ends, it automatically transfers users to the forever free plan that is inclusive of basic features and all native app integrations. But just in case users would like more features to their support suite bundle, then they can upgrade their plan to Essentials that starts at $10/user/month or even to the Premium plan that starts at $15/user/month.


HubSpot live chat is offered to companies as a forever free solution, therefore it’s very appealing to companies of any size and type. Almost any eCommerce platform can implement it without complications and use the additional benefits of HubSpot’s powerful CRM software. 

The main live chat features offered by HubSpot include advanced chat widget customization, a branding-free option, targeted welcome messages, a powerful chatbot, and the ability to automatically create segmented contact lists. Additionally, companies can also take advantage of meeting scheduling features and create a knowledge base for their customers. 

The solution easily integrates with many popular cloud software such as WordPress, Shopify, and social networks such as Facebook or Instagram.

The standout feature of HubSpot lies in its price. It is offered to companies as a forever free solution that comes without any bigger downsides. The paid plans start at $50 per month and are not agent seat based, however, rather contacts based. 

LiveChat Inc.

LiveChat is often considered as one of the top eCommerce live chat software. Thousands of businesses rely on this powerful tool that is easy to set up and integrate with more than 170 external software. The chat widget can be easily customized to match the branding and visual guidelines of your business. 

The real power of LiveChat lies in its clear focus on the live chat software – the solution offers end-users extensive reporting and analysis features on top of superb live chat features such as canned responses, pre-chat and post-chat surveys, and a unified inbox where all the communication is stored.

LiveChat is offered in 4 different plans starting at $16 per agent per month for the Basic plan, while the Business (the top plan) starts at $50 per month. The free trial lasts for 30-days which gives companies enough time to fully test all of its features. 

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Userlike is a simple, yet powerful live chat tool that integrates with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp and also offers the ability to provide customer support via text messages. 

The configuration is pretty easy and straightforward. The chat widgets can be set up in several languages and are all easily customizable. The automatic translation engine that is a part of the solution can make customer support even more approachable. What makes Userlike even more interesting is the included chatbot and advanced routing options that can make customer service much easier. 

Userlike offers a forever free plan with unlimited seats and conversations, however, the included features are very limited compared to the paid plans. If you want to take full advantage of the tool, select the paid plan, which costs €90 per month and has 4 agent seats. 


Olark is a simple live chat solution that covers most of the needs of small businesses. It is a great choice if companies are looking to integrate their live chat software with other 3rd party solutions that they already rely on such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, HubSpot, or WordPress among many others. Olark’s live chat subscription comes with chat transfers, triggers and transcripts, useful desktop notifications, and also the ability to monitor visitors and save their history.

While the software is pretty easy to implement and use, it lacks some other features, which are usually considered as the basics, such as native smartphone applications for iOS and Android, or the ability to provide customer support in multiple languages. 

However, the areas where Olark performs the best are its optional “PowerUps”, which come for an extra fee ranging from $29 month to $99 per month. Olark offers companies a 14-day free trial, along with a forever free plan covering 20 chats per month. The monthly subscriptions start at $19 per month per user.


Kayako effectively combines several communication channels into one tool in order to create a multi-channel help desk solution. Live chat software is one part of its core tools.  It’s equipped with great visitor targeting and tagging, which can be used to provide a more personalized customer service experience

The software also supports features such as screen sharing, file sharing, and link sharing. It also supports integrations with the most popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 

Kayako offers its users a free 14-day trial. The Basic plan starts at $15 per user per month, while the top tier – Enterprise – plan costs $80 per agent per month. 


Drift is the live chat software most known for its automated chatbot and highly personalized messages that target specific niche customers. These rich messages can contain clickable responses and actions such as scheduling meetings and more.

On top of these two powerful features, Drift also offers automated triggers and customer support in several languages thanks to its multi-language chat widgets that adapt to the country / language of the website visitor. 

The solution connects with multiple 3rd party tools such as Magento, MailChimp, HubSpot, Salesforce, and other CRM software.

Drift offers several pricing tiers, a free trial, and a forever free plan (however the free plan is limited by the number of contacts, which cannot exceed 100/month). The pricing for the Essential plan starts at $40 per agent month. Businesses looking for tools that provide highly advanced automation features should consider Drift if they are willing to end up paying more.


Nextiva is built as a modular multi-channel platform that consists of many add-on tools compatible with almost any eCommerce store. The key focus of the product is to merge team collaboration tools and customer relationship tools into a single package. 

To manage the quick answers, Nextiva relies on the power of “Shortcuts” which are canned responses that help save time when answering customer queries and delight customers with speedy answers. The platform itself provides users with few customization options and also includes the CRM and analytics platform. 

The pricing starts at $25 per month per user, however, the chat features in this plan are sold separately as an add-on, so eventually you’ll end up paying more than just $25 per user each month. This plan doesn’t include some of the key features live chat features listed above (such as shortcuts or automatic routing) and should be considered only by smaller companies with fewer customer inquiries. The best live chat plan is priced at $35 per month per user. Nextiva offers a  free 14-day trial so if you’re interested, test it and see if it fits your needs.


HelpFlow is another live chat software solution that offers additional advanced features on top of basic live chat capabilities. One of these extra features are remote customer service agents provided by HelpFlow.

HelpFlow’s live chat can recognize and segment users based on specific behavior and send them automatic chat invites based on their website activity. The invitations are fully customizable in order to achieve unified branding across all communication channels. HelpFlow is also able to route chats to specific departments and dedicated agents.

The software is pretty easy and straightforward to set up and can be integrated with more than 20 external solutions. However, what might be a disadvantage for many, especially smaller to semi-medium businesses is the pricing, which is a bit high when compared to the other solutions in this article. The cost strictly depends on your average monthly website traffic. Moreover, hiring dedicated customer support representatives will cost you $1.50  per agent per hour, which might translate to approximately $600 a month.

As such, this solution should be considered by larger companies that aim to outsource their support operations.


If you have a medium-sized company, pay extra attention to this part of the article as live chat software will probably fit your needs best. It provides the right amount of advanced features while keeping the costs at a reasonable price. It is designed to help enterprises that are growing quickly address customer inquiries through omnichannel help desk software and automation. 

Acquire offers its users features such as canned responses and automation features that are powered by chatbots and smart routing options. The users can also leverage additional omnichannel communication features such as a unified inbox, personalized customer support, or built-in video and voice calls. One of the highlights of the live chat is its ability to support multiple languages thanks to its automatic translation features to over 30 languages. 

To get you need to request a price quote. will create custom pricing based on your business goals, team size, and the features you want.

Pure Chat

Pure Chat is built with a simple strategy in mind – to provide a highly specialized live chat software. Its statement is to provide an unlimited number of chats with unlimited chat operators. As such, it does not support any additional help desk tools that eCommerce companies might expect from other solutions such as analytics, reporting, or call center features. 

However, as the tool’s name suggests, its clear focus lies in live chat and integrations (1,000+). The real-time chat is quick, supports file sharing, and provides users with features such as canned responses or pop-up messages. It also has a responsive design.

Pure Chat has several pricing plans and also comes with a free 30-day  trial, which is kind of unusual for this industry. The free plan allows companies to enjoy unlimited chats, however they can have only 3 chat agents registered in the software. The Growth plan starts at $49  per month per user. 

This solution should be considered by eCommerce companies of small to semi-medium size.


Sendinblue should be considered by companies that are looking for powerful customer support tools and email marketing software in a single solution. It is a great choice for businesses that want to combine their sales and customer service initiatives and have all the data in one place. 

In terms of email marketing, the software can send transactional emails and SMS messages. The campaigns can be created in a simple user-friendly UI with a drag-and-drop editor.  The live chat solution supports automation features such as visitor tagging and segmentation, as well as proactive chat invitations, and advanced chat widget customizations. 

The live chat software does not provide all the advanced features that are generally available in other solutions, however, it is still a good choice for companies that want a conversational marketing platform. The solution has a forever free plan with limitations, while the Basic plan is priced at $25 per month per user. 


SnapEngage is live chat software that’s equipped with chatbots and automation features. SnapEgnage users have the possibility to provide SMS to chat support while utilizing Twitter, Facebook, and WeChat integrations.

The solution gives companies an opportunity to fully customize the look of the live chat widget by including editable templates. Screen sharing options are available, as well as reporting and website monitoring features that can give you a great overview of how your customer support team is doing and what can be improved.

SnapEngage is fully HIPAA compliant, which makes it a strong candidate. The solution does not provide any free plan, however, the essential plan starts at just $16 per user per month.


ClickDesk is a tool that incorporates live chat, voice chat, and video chat functionality into one powerful solution. Users can leverage the power of voice and video chats, which all can happen in the same chat window as the live chat. 

The key live chat features include the website monitoring of visitors, proactive chat greetings that can be fully personalized and customized, pre-chat surveys, and also the inclusion of native mobile apps that can help companies provide customer service even on the go.

The video or voice chat features can all be used to provide helpful demo sessions and to resolve the customer inquiries in a quick manner. The most popular social networks can be all integrated into ClickDesk in order to be more relevant and stay closer to customers. What makes ClickDesk even more powerful is its availability in more than 90 languages.  

ClickDesk offers a free plan for up to 10 users and 30 chats per month. It also provides paid pricing plans with advanced features, which start at $15 per user  per month. 


The main live chat features included in Chaport are multilingual chat widgets that can be fully customized, an unlimited chat history, and the ability to insert notes into chats. Group chats, canned messages, and pre-made auto invitations are also available.

The software is also offered as a free plan with few limitations. The Pro plan, however, starts at just $14  per user per month and has unlimited chat history, and allows users to place an unlimited number of chat widgets on an unlimited number of websites. Facebook, Viber, and Telegram integrations are available, as well as file sharing and an API key that can be used to integrate the software with other solutions.


We have included ChatBot in the top live chat software list even though it isn’t considered a traditional live chat software. ChatBot is often considered the leader in AI-powered bot technology that gives its users the opportunity to build a virtual assistant that can engage with customers. 

While other chatbot software might require programming skills to design a truly functional chatbot, ChatBot relies on the power of a drag-and-drop user interface. Users can also enjoy the addition of free pre-built templates and an open API for almost infinite integrations with 3rd party software. 

The company behind ChatBot provides users with a vast knowledge base that is available 24/7. They also offer a free14-day trial with pricing starting from $50 per month for 1,000 chats. The most expensive plan is priced at $499/month for up to 25k chats. 

The standout feature of ChatBot is the option to sell products to customers directly in the chat window. However, the disadvantage of ChatBot lies in its dated design.

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How is live chat boosting eCommerce sales?

Live chat support allows sales teams to provide additional support besides email marketing and phone. 

  1. Live chat delivers the highest customer satisfaction

Live chat is a powerful tool that excludes any time wasters, such as lengthy contact forms, and allows for multitasking. Studies have shown that 50% of customers have declared that they love the convenience of live chat because it allows them to multitask or browsing other websites.

  1. Live chat reduces shopping cart abandonment

67% of sales are lost due to shopping cart abandonment. Live chat promotes a proactive chat feature, which helps prevent customers from leaving your site by providing them with personalized support and attention. 

  1. Live chat provide opportunity to upsell and cross-sell 

Live chat software can help you provide personalized content for each customer. The automated proactive chat messages can recommend products to each client depending on their website activity or browsing behavior.

eCommerce live chat tips

To sum everything up, these tips can help you to achieve increased conversion rates:

  • Use proactive chat 
  • Aim for a solution with mobile support
  • Make chat available on all pages and after business hours
  • Use canned responses
  • Review your metrics
  • Use past customer conversations as a reference
  • Extract info from the CRM to personalize each message
  • Train your staff

Best free live chat software: Our take

Live chat solutionFree trialPricing plansDevice compatibilityBest feature
LiveAgent14-day trialFree planStarting from $9 / agent / monthWeb, ios, androidComplete help desk software
Intercom14-day trialNo free planStarting from $39/monthWindows, macOS, ios, and AndroidBrand recognition and marketing
FreshchatA free trialFree planStarting from $15 / agent / monthWindows, macOS, ios, and AndroidReal-time communication and integration with the rest of FreshWorks tools
Tawk.toA free trialFree planStarting from $1/hour/agentWindows, macOS, ios, and Android24/7 availability of native agents
ZendeskFree trialFree planStarting from $11.20 / monthWindows, macOS, ios, and AndroidZendesk product integrations
HubspotNo free trialFree planStarting from $50/month/userWindows, macOS, ios, and AndroidIncorporated into the HubSpot CRM
Livechat inc.30-day trialNo free planStarting from $16 / agent / monthWindows, macOS, ios, and AndroidOffline ticketing system
Userlike14-day trialFree planStarting from $90 / monthWindows, macOS, ios, and AndroidWebsite and messaging apps integrations
Olark14-day trialFree planStarting from $12/Built-in CRM and lots of integrations
Kayako14-day trialNo free planStarting from $15 / month / agentWindows, macOS, ios, and AndroidIntegrations and brand recognition
DriftNo free trialFree planStarting from $50 / monthWindows, macOS, ios, and AndroidAutomated chatbot feature
NextivaFree trialNo free planStarting from $19.95Windows, macOS, ios, and AndroidIts many add-ons
HelpflowFree trialNo free planStarting from $147 / week/All-in-one solution
AcquireFree trialNo free planStarting from $25 / monthWindows, ios, and AndroidSecure, no-download browsing
Pure chatFree trialFree planStarting from $79 / monthWindows, macOS, ios, and AndroidRule-based alerts
SendinblueNo free trialFree planStarting from $25 / monthWindows, macOS, ios, and AndroidMarketing automation
SnapengageFree trialNo free planStarting from $16 / agentWindows, macOS, ios, and AndroidOmnichannel experience
ClickDeskNo free trialFree planStarting from $14.99 / month / agentDesktop apps and AndroidVoice and video chat support
ChaportFree trialFree planStarting from $9.80 / agent / monthWindows, macOS, ios, and AndroidUnlimited chat history and visitor notes
Chatbot14-day trialNo free planStarting from $50 / month/Ai-powered live chat

Frequently asked questions

Which is the best live chat software for eCommerce stores?

Choosing the most appropriate live chat solution for your business might be slightly tricky. It depends on your business needs and preferences, as well as company type and budget.

What is the best free online chat site?

Companies that offer a forever free plan with limited features: Olark, Tawk. to, Freshchat, Drift, Pure Chat, Cliq Chat, Tidio, LiveAgent, Zendesk Chat, Proprofs, Hubspot, Clickdesk, and Chart.

What is the best free live chat plugin for WordPress?

Live chat providers such as LiveAgent, Olark, ProProfs, HubSpot, and Chaport provide a free WordPress live chat plugin.

What are some of the best eCommerce plugins for Shopify?

Comm100, Pure Chat, Tidio Chat, Zendesk, ProProfs, LiveChat Inc., and HubSpot are some of the best eCommerce plugins for Shopify.

What are the best recommendations for increasing eCommerce sales?

Today, the superior feature in increasing eCommerce sales has proven to be live chat support. Websites incorporating this feature have experienced enhanced conversion rates due to reduced cart abandonment and increased customer satisfaction.

Why is live chat support necessary?

The main reasons why live chat support is essential are convenience and its impact on sales. More precisely, live chat is a cost-effective solution and time-efficient tool that provides a competitive advantage and forms sound customer relationships.

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