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Department report

A Department represents a specific division of your organization sorted by product or service, the field of knowledge, physical location, or Responsibility.


Distribute Tickets and assign support Agents into Departments. Define Filters and transfer Rules so that your Tickets will always land in the right hands. Specify different signatures, Phone, and Chat answering Rules for different Departments. Instantly see how many new, open, and resolved Tickets are in your Departments.


You can create a Department called “Sales” and assign suitable Tickets to it.

Every Department will have its own support process for which you can specify Agents, configure support-e-mail addresses, track support Tickets, set workflow Rules, define Service-Level Agreements and Business hours.

Departments allow you to:

  • Restrict access to Tickets for Agents belonging to the same department as the Ticket
  • Customize your e-mail communication Templates per Department
  • Configure the availability of Chat, Phone, and messaging services per Department

Running a one-man show?

You don’t need to use Departments if you are running a one-man business or a very small organization. In that case, all Tickets are distributed and handled by all, regardless of type.

Benefits of Departments:

  • Distribute work, authority, and Responsibility
  • Group teams of specialists together
  • Increase effectivity and quality of Ticket handling
  • Decrease Ticket response and resolution time

Examples of use:

  • Function – Human Resources, IT, Accounting
  • Product or Service – city bikes, road bikes or,
  • Customers – Resellers, Affiliates, VIP
  • Geographic – US, Europe, Asia

Department Report

LiveAgent offers a report of answered Tickets, Chats, Calls, Rankings, and more (see all options below) from a specific time range. Individual entries can be sorted by time range, Department, Channel, and Agent. Department Report can be exported to a CSV file.

Department report
Department Report

Department report display options (columns):

  • Tag
  • Answer
  • New answer avg. time
  • Open answer avg. time
  • Calls
  • Missed calls
  • Call minutes
  • Chat messages
  • Chats
  • Missed chats
  • Chat pickup avg. time
  • Chat avg. time
  • Not ranked
  • Not ranked %
  • Rewards
  • Rewards %
  • Rebukes
  • Rebukes %
  • Incoming messages
  • Incoming calls
  • Finished calls
  • Incoming chats
  • Finished chats
  • Created tickets
  • Resolved tickets

Department report can show your data in these types of charts:

Use Department reports with API

Use LiveAgent REST API to call values from Department reports.

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