Assign ticket

What is an assign ticket?

Ticket is a communication between an agent and customers. Tickets are created without any ownership. It is necessary to assign tickets to the right customer representative or department and manually change ownership. Know who is responsible for solving issues and queries and avoid any problems.

In LiveAgent you are able to set up automatically assigning tickets to a customer representative after reply. Customize your own criteria, rules and conditions in configuration and run it automatically.

LiveAgent's assign ticket function

Frequently asked questions

What does assignt ticket mean?

Ticket is the main tool for communication between the agent and clients. Assigning a ticket means that the ticket must be assigned to the appropriate agent or department in order to be able to act on it.

How can you assing tickets using LiveAgent?

In LiveAgent, you can assign tickets to the appropriate agent. It can also happen automatically after the agent replies to the client. The owner of a given notification can also be changed.

Is assigning tickets automated?

LiveAgent has the option to assign tickets automatically. This happens when the agent in question replies to the client. You can also customize your own criteria, rules and conditions in the configuration.

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