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What is Zapier?

Zapier is an integration platform that allows you to connect all of your web services together using a simple interface. Zapier makes the integration process a matter of minutes and it’s user friendly. It also guides you through the entire process and explains what needs to be done. With Zapier, you can integrate LiveAgent with hundreds of other apps that can help you or improve your workflow with anything from billing and invoicing to social media support. 

That means that without knowing how to code, you can integrate LiveAgent with hundreds of apps, including ones that you probably already use. Have a look at this page and check the list of available integrations for LiveAgent. Pick any one of them and make your workflow a breeze. 

How can you use it?

Besides LiveAgent’s native integrations, we have Zapier integrations. Zapier integrations use triggers and action to connect two apps. A trigger event that happens in one application will activate an action in the second one. You can choose your own triggers and actions, and you can also create more than one. Zapier is great because it allows you to specify what exactly you want your software to do. 

Let’s say you want to utilize Trello for tracking new leads. You can connect Zapier with your LiveAgent account, and set up a custom trigger that performs a desired action. For example, if a prospective customer sends you an e-mail that is connected to your LiveAgent dashboard, their information will be automatically pulled into your Trello board. Once in Trello, you can organize your leads however you wish.


  • Integrates many kinds of software
  • Seamless integration with LiveAgent
  • Easy and intuitive process
  • Takes only a few minutes to finish


LiveAgent has over 200 available Zapier integrations made for various purposes. There are many apps to connect with. You can take advantage of integrations such as Slack or Trello to keep track of your professional messaging boards. Get more included in social media support or sales with integrations for Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or Twitter. Handle your billing with ChargeDesk or Stripe. 

How to create an integration?

As an example, we’re going to show you how to connect LiveAgent with Slack. 

The process of integrating various software via Zapier is generally the same, so you can use this guide as an example, or check out our other Zapier integration pages to get a specified guide for the integration you need. 

Go to Zapier’s LiveAgent page and pick an app you want to connect. You’re going to need a Zapier account. If you don’t have one, you can create it at this link. Then proceed to the LiveAgent integrations page and pick the one you want. 

LiveAgent and Slack page on Zapier
LiveAgent and Slack

At your chosen app page, you can see the section Connect LiveAgent + Slack in minutes with a trigger and action selection. Pick a trigger and action you want your integration to have. We have picked a Slack trigger New Mention and LiveAgent action New Conversation. 

An example of a selected trigger and action on Zapier
Selected trigger and action

When you decide, click on the blue button and fill out all the necessary details of your Slack trigger. Test the trigger to make sure it works.

A successful test of a Slack trigger
Successful trigger test

Now, configure your LiveAgent action. Specify your action further by filling out the non-required fields. Then, test the integration in Zapier.

Filled out LiveAgent action configuration
LiveAgent configuration

You’re done, your integration is ready.

LiveAgent and Slack successfully integrated and tested out
Successful test

Make sure to check out our integration page and see all of our Native and also Zapier integrations. 

Frequently asked questions

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a tool that allows you to automate repetitive daily tasks by connecting apps, thus sharing data. 

How can you integrate Zapier with LiveAgent?

Step-by-step guide:

1. Log in to your Zapier account

2. Search for LiveAgent integration

3. Choose an app and task you would like to automate

4. Connect with LiveAgent in (Configurations - System -API)

Why should you integrate Zapier with LiveAgent?

Zapier will help you automate a lot of tasks by connecting with other apps. No need to code an integration. Zapier will do it for you quickly and easily. For instance, you can connect LiveAgent with Mailchimp. Whenever you get a new customer, Zapier can subscribe the customer to your Mailchimp subscriber list. 

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