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A universal inbox is a unified inbox that enables you to access all your messages from one place. The inbox can fetch and streamline emails, phone calls, social media messages, knowledge base tickets, and live chat messages into one dashboard, making it a must-have tool for customer support departments.

On top of all that, a universal inbox enables users to answer all incoming messages directly from the inbox (without having to monitor/log in to each communication channel and device).

Why is a universal inbox a must-have feature for all businesses?

A unified inbox is a must-have for all businesses, solopreneurs, and enterprises because it: 

  • Streamlines all messages from multiple accounts  into one inbox
  • Keeps all queries organized according to importance and date received
  • Provides shared user access (multiple users can be logged in at the same time via their unique login credentials)
  • Improves agent efficiency
  • Is more secure
  • Improves customer satisfaction and experience (more context for agents, less repeating for customers)
  • Speeds up response time
  • Automatically assigns tickets to departments and agents
  • Can be used for multi-brand support
LiveAgent’s universal inbox

What features does the LiveAgent universal inbox have?

LiveAgent’s unified inbox has a ton of useful features that make it a must-have product.

Automatic ticket routing

Each message that’s received in your universal inbox will be automatically assigned to an appropriate support agent, eliminating any confusion or loitering amongst your staff. Each agent will know exactly which messages they need to answer, resulting in higher productivity levels and more efficiency.


Time and trigger-based automation rules

The universal inbox can free your agents from mundane and repetitive administrative tasks. By creating specific time and trigger-based automation rules, your inbox will be able to execute tasks like following up on emails or marking tickets as spam.

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Tags and filtering

Finding tickets inside your universal inbox can be a piece of cake if you use the right tags. Tags can be added to every ticket to help you with filtering in addition to providing an at-a-glance overview of each ticket’s contents. 


Real-time typing-view and native chat widget

The universal inbox gives you a real-time preview of what your customers are typing into the live chat widget that’s placed on your site. Getting a sneak peek of your customer’s messages before they hit send gives your agents extra time to find the information that they need to impress your customers with knowledgeable, personalized, and timely support.

Real time typing

Built-in CRM

Having important customer information right at your fingertips is priceless. LiveAgent’s universal inbox has a built-in CRM that gives you the opportunity to create custom CRM fields to store all the necessary information about your customers, including past purchases, tickets, and more.


Call center capability

As previously mentioned, the universal inbox can be used as a blended call center as well. It’s got all the stops and whistles of a modern call center solution including IVR, ACD, call transfers, callbacks, and more.


Internal chats

The universal inbox wouldn’t be complete without a real-time collaboration option. Just like in Gmail, you can chat with your online colleagues directly inside your LiveAgent inbox. 

Internal chat

Agent collision detection

The universal inbox is better than most traditional email clients like Outlook and Gmail because it alerts you when you’re stepping on another agent’s turf. For example, if you’re about to start answering a ticket that another agent is working on, the system will automatically alert you.


Private notes and reminders

Private notes are another great universal inbox feature. Whenever you’re inside a ticket thread, you can create a private note that only you and other agents can see. This can serve you as a future reminder or help bring others up to speed.

Peter Komornik

LiveAgent combines excellent live chat, ticketing and automation that allow us to provide exceptional support to our customers.

Peter Komornik, CEO
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What will be pushed into the universal inbox?

  • Emails from multiple email addresses
  • Live chats 
  • Phone calls (can register an unlimited number of VoIP phone numbers)
  • Facebook messages and comments (can connect with multiple Facebook accounts)
  • Instagram comments and mentions (can connect with multiple Instagram accounts)
  • Tweets and Twitter comments/mentions (can connect with multiple Twitter accounts)
  • Viber messages
  • Feedback and suggestions
  • Contact form messages
Universal inbox POV and Faceboook POV

What does it look like/how does it work in practice?

If you’re wondering whether your customers will be able to tell that you’re using a universal inbox to answer their phone calls, live chats, Viber messages, Tweets, or emails, the answer is no. Check out how it works in this detailed video tutorial.

Getting your universal inbox ready

To ensure you’re utilizing your universal inbox to its fullest potential you’ll have to connect it with all your email accounts, social media profiles, and phone numbers. You’ll also have to place our live chat widget on your site and create a LiveAgent support portal. Not sure how? Check out this getting started guide.

Universal inbox

How can you benefit from the universal inbox?

  • LiveAgent’s unified inbox can save you both time and money as your agents will spend less time monitoring a multitude of accounts and devices
  • It can help you provide faster support 
  • It can help you provide more personalized responses thanks to our built-in CRM that’s on hand whenever you’re answering customer queries
  • Answering customer queries through LiveAgent’s universal inbox is more secure as all tickets are stored in a shared universal inbox that can be accessed by every support agent. This means that you don’t have to worry about:
    • Sharing email/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter login credentials with multiple employees
    • Staying logged in on public devices
    • Losing devices that are logged into your email or social media accounts
  • Competitive advantage– LiveAgent is one of the few universal inboxes that integrates with both Instagram and Viber
Roman Bosch

Roman Bosch


It’s a pleasure to have a great portal that improves our customer service.

christine preusler

Christine Preusler


LiveAgent empowers our agents to provide better, faster, and more accurate support.

Karl Dieterich

Karl Dieterich


LiveAgent helped us to achieve 2 important goals: increase customer satisfaction and sales.

Hendrik Henze

Hendrik Henze

HEWO Internetmarketing

We have been using LiveAgent since August and we are really satisfied with it.

Razvan Sava

Razvan Sava

Webmaster Deals

Since we are using LiveAgent our response time increased by 60%.

Taras Baca

Taras Baca


Our paid customer conversion rate went up 325% the first month we've set up and actively started using LiveAgent.

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Andrej Ftomin


I have to say, I have never experienced such a professional customer approach.

Matt Janaway

Matt Janaway

The Workplace Depot

We find LiveAgent to be the best live chat solution by far.

Viviane Carter

Viviane Carter

CSI Products

We use LiveAgent on all of our ecommerce websites. The tool is easy to use and improves our productivity.

Christian Lange

Christian Lange


With LiveAgent we’re able to give our customers support wherever they are.

Jens Malmqvist

Jens Malmqvist


I can recommend LiveAgent to anyone interested in making their customer service better and more effective.

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Catana Alexandru


I'm sure we would spend 90% of our day sorting through emails if we didn't have LiveAgent.


Jan Wienk

All British Casino

With LiveAgent we are able to keep our players happy by offering more efficient support resulting in higher return rates.

Allan Bjerkan

Allan Bjerkan

Norske Automaten

LiveAgent is reliable, reasonably priced, and simply a great choice for any fast-paced online business!

Sissy Böttcher

Sissy Böttcher

Study Portals

We like it because it is easy to use and offers great functionality, such as useful reporting features.

Peter Koning

Peter Koning


We love LiveAgent - it makes supporting our customers easy.

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Aranzazu F


We like to offer our customers the best support experience. That’s why we chose LiveAgent.

Rick Nuske

Rick Nuske


From setup to ongoing support and everything else in between, the team at LiveAgent continues to impress.

Vojtech Kelecsenyi

Vojtech Kelecsenyi


LiveAgent saves us hundreds of precious minutes every day by making customer service clear and in order.

Rafael Kobalyan

Rafael Kobalyan


Unlimited agents, email, social media, and phone integration. All that for less than we were paying with our previous provider.

Martin Drugaj

Martin Drugaj


We’ve been using LiveAgent since 2013. We can't imagine working without it.

Ivan Golubović

Ivan Golubović


It's a cost-effective solution that can help you with a large amount of support requests via different channels.

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Rustem Gimaev

Antalya Consulting Language Center

Answering emails from Outlook was so hard to manage. With LiveAgent we're sure every email is answered in time.

Randy Bryan

Randy Bryan


LiveAgent is so awesome. With very little time and effort I had it up and running smoothly in a few...

Timothy G. Keys

Timothy G. Keys

Marietta Corporation

I highly recommend the LiveAgent product, not only as a Kayako alternative but a much better solution with added value.

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Mihaela Teodorescu


The support team always responded promptly with quick to implement solutions.

Hilda Andrejkovičová

Hilda Andrejkovičová


It helps us categorize the nature of the tickets and statistically track what our clients need most.

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Alexandra Danišová


We see LiveAgent as a great tool for communicating with customers.

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Samuel Smahel


LiveAgent sped up our communication with our customers and gave us an option to chat with them as well.

David Chandler

David Chandler


Simply put - LiveAgent beats everything out there at this, or even higher, price-points.

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