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Ticketing system

What is ticketing system?

A Ticketing system is an essential part of help desk software, that allows customer representatives to be effective and organized. A ticketing system receives a customer request for support and it automatically creates a ticket. Then the certain agent is responsible for resolving a ticket. In ticketing system, you are able to manage ticket responsibilities too.

Ticketing system is really helpful for every customer service staff. This managing system also has an impact on costs, sales, revenues, customer satisfaction and it is a great time-saver.

Ticketing system


How do you define a ticketing system?

The ticketing system is a management tool that processes and catalogs customer submissions. It is an essential part of the help desk software and allows customer service representatives to be efficient and organized. 


Does every business need a ticketing system?

If you sell products or services and want to count on the market and be able to compete with other companies, you will need a ticketing system. It allows you to automate work, organize notifications, efficient service, prioritize tasks and easily transfer tickets between agents. 


Is LiveAgent a ticketing system?

LiveAgent is a ticketing system. Automatically tracks and converts all customer requests into tickets, regardless of the communication channel. The interface is intuitive and allows for efficient operation.


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