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Discover why LiveAgent is the best Outlook alternative on the market.

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Fed up with your webmail?

LiveAgent is a great choice. Although Outlook has many useful features for individual email management, when it comes to managing multiple email addresses and collaborating with colleagues, there are limitations.

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Consider LiveAgent

Social customer service templates

130+ integrations

Sales email templates

Unlimited storage

Ticketing templates

More features

Help desk templates

Multi-user access

LiveAgent streamlines multiple customer service channels into one piece of software

Outlook vs LiveAgent at a glance

Features Liveagent Outlook
Unlimited storage
Unlimited email storage.
Has unlimited storage.
Has limited storage.
Email encryption
Email encryption ensures that hackers or other parties other than the recipient of your message cannot read its contents.
Has built-in email encryption.
Has built-in email encryption.
Customization options
Sound, alert, color, and theme customizations.
Offers customization options.
Offers customization options.
Multi-user access
Enables multiple users to work on issues simultaneously.
Offers multi-user access.
Offers multi-user access.
Separate email tab view
Allows users to open multiple email tabs and switch through as needed.
Has separate email tab view.
Has separate email tab view.
Ad-free experience
No sponsored ads shown in the inbox.
Offers an ad-free experience.
Does not offer an ad-free experience.
Automation rules
Automation rules that can be implemented to speed up customer support processes.
Has automation rules.
Has automation rules.
Customizable email templates
Enables users to create fully customizable email templates.
Offers customizable email templates.
Offers customizable email templates.
Free version
Offers a free version.
Offers free version.
Offers free version.
Add tags to any ticket to view its contents at a glance or to make it easier to find.
Has tags.
Doesn't have tags.
Email splitting/merging
Split emails in two to ensure faster problem resolution or merge multiple emails from one customer into one.
Has email splitting/merging functionality.
Doesn't have email splitting/merging functionality.
Private notes
Share private notes with your colleagues. Use them as reminders or to store extra info.
Offers private notes feature.
Doesn't offer private notes feature.
A built-in customer relationship management tool.
Has a built-in CRM.
Doesn't have a built-in CRM.
Integrations with popular software, tools, and networks, such as social media, CRMs, or payment processors.
Offers third-party integrations.
Doesn't connect with third-party integrations.

Trusted by 30,000+ companies and 150M end users

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Introducing the universal inbox

A smarter version of your Outlook and a perfect Gmail alternative that supports multi-user access and streamlines emails from multiple email addresses and communication channels into a single inbox.

Used to multiple email tabs?

Our Outlook alternative offers multiple ticket tabs for faster problem resolution and easy tabbing in and out.

Multiple ticket tabs by LiveAgent
Help desk templates

Customizable email templates

Outlook alternatives like LiveAgent offer countless customization options, including email templates

Build your templates with a simple WYSIWYG editor or write a custom HTML code.

Getting the job done faster

Received a ticket containing multiple requests? Split the ticket in two to ensure faster problem resolution. 

Alternatively, merge two or more tickets into one to ensure no time is wasted resolving the same request multiple times.

Split tickets feature by LiveAgent
Inbound and Outbound Call Center Software by LiveAgent

Feeling stuck?

Our Outlook alternative offers free internal in-app chats and calls.

For even more convenience, share the email ID with your colleagues so they don’t have to search for the email you’re referring to.

More convenient than ever

Save your agents over 15 hours of work each week by creating pre-defined answers to frequently asked questions in the form of canned messages.

LiveAgent helpdesk tour

Rich omnichannel integrations

Our Outlook alternative offers rich integrations with over 130 third-party systems.

Streamline your workflow efficiency by connecting your LiveAgent account with TwitterFacebook, or Instagram, countless VoIP providers, payment processors, or customer relationship management (CRM) software like PipeDrive.

Continous improvement

Outlook alternatives like LiveAgent provide deep insight into your support efforts.

Learn how many emails you receive each month, how many were answered on time, which SLAs were not met, and who was responsible for them.

Performance report by LiveAgent

Just a few more reasons why we're the best Outlook alternative

Ticketing templates

Give Outlook alternatives a chance to improve your support with time tracking features. Discover what tasks are most complex or which agents need more training from a single interface.

Knowledge base templates

Our Outlook alternative offers handy hybrid ticket streams that ensure you won’t get lost in the clutter of customer communications as they arrive from different channels.

Marketing email templates

LiveAgent, the perfect Outlook alternative, ensures multiple support agents can work together without erasing each other’s work. Agents are alerted as they view tickets that are already being worked on.

Customer service templates

LiveAgent boasts the richest automation rules, making it the perfect Outlook alternative. Streamline processes by automating mundane tasks like assigning tags and responsibilities or following up on emails.

LiveAgent - Powerful WYSIWYG editor

Outlook alternatives automatically assign tags to each incoming email to ensure you can view its contents at a glance without having to open it. This makes searching for emails faster and more convenient.

Call center templates

Create folders and subfolders in the form of departments. Ensure each email is automatically routed to the correct department with automation rules or by manual re-assignments.

Live chat templates

Assign clear responsibilities across multiple departments and agents. Ensure no email falls through the cracks and remains unanswered thanks to your new Outlook alternative.

Social customer service templates

View, edit, and add info into our built-in CRM while answering emails from one interface. Add custom fields, such as shoe size or timezone to make your customer service more personalized.

Business Email Templates

Disclose more information about a given email, customer, or resolution process. Your colleagues can view these notes at any time as they resolve a particular email/query.

Here's what our clients have to say

  • We were using Outlook to monitor and respond to emails / social media alerts from clients and new and potential customers. We faced a number of problems on a daily basis, like emails being accidentally deleted or not answered, not being able to locate emails as they had no reference numbers, lagging, and the same emails being answered by different members of staff. LiveAgent has solved all of these issues.

    Mike S. – Director – 5/5

  • Handling customer inquiries using Outlook was very difficult with a team of people sharing an inbox, using LiveAgent ensures efficiency.

    User in Information Technology and Services – 4.5/5

  • Compared to a shared Outlook inbox we can allocate emails with tags that highlight not only who the email is for, what the subject is regarding but also keywords that we can search on. This has helped us create multiple inboxes for smaller areas of our business increasing our efficiency in helping our customers.

    Michael B – 4.5/5

  • I like how LiveAgent allows you to categorize requests, assign lead times, and automate many things that are very time-consuming in Outlook.

    Anonymous reviewer – Logistics and Supply Chain – 5/5

  • Easy to use and set up, has lots of useful features – for me personally especially the tags automation (rules, and times rules) which help to manage your tickets. Before I was using Outlook + ZOHO + Zoiper (for phone calls), now I just use LiveAgent for all 3 plus I can add notes and got the phone recording on the ticket.

    Anonymous reviewer – Administrator in Human Resources – 5/5

  • I started with an Outlook based system and searching for emails even a week old was a test in agony. With LiveAgent the ability to auto organizes our emails, with tags, persons, folders, custom filters, timed colouring, etc has made dealing with emails so much easier. I rarely have to search for more than a min to find what I want.

    Robert S. – Assistant Client Services Supervisor – 4.5/5

Leave your frustration behind and say goodbye to Outlook forever

LiveAgent, the best Outlook alternative on the market, is the most reviewed and #1 rated help desk software for SMB in 2021. 

Join companies like Yamaha, BMW, Huawei in providing world-class customer service. With LiveAgent, it’s easy. 

3,000+ Trustpilot | GetApp | G2 crowd reviews

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You Will Be in Good Hands!

Do you know what Huawei, BMW, Yamaha and O2 have in common? You guessed right… LiveAgent!

Try it now for free No Credit Card Required


How does LiveAgent compare to Outlook?

LiveAgent offers the following extra features over Outlook: ticketing features, 24/7 support, live chat, call center, and social media integrations.

What are the extra benefits of using LiveAgent over Outlook?

The extra benefits of using LiveAgent over Outlook include increased customer satisfaction, customer retention, decreased customer service costs, reduced churn rate, and better agent workflow.

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Videos - Knowledge Base Customer Portal Demo

Videos - Knowledge Base Customer Portal Demo

The video explains the difference between live agent knowledge base and customer portal, while emphasizing the benefits of having a customer portal as a self-service option for both agents and customers. It also highlights how businesses can customize and track ticket progress through the portal. LiveAgent offers templates and a knowledge base software to improve customer support. Proper preparation for live events is crucial in enhancing customer service. The "Getting Started" article should be concise and include relevant information.

LiveAgent offers more than 175 useful features, the fastest live chat widget on the market. Call center and even coverage of channels like Instagram.

Looking for a LiveChat alternative?

LiveAgent is a great LiveChat alternative with over 175 features including the fastest chat widget, call center and coverage of channels like Instagram and Viber. The migration process from LiveChat to LiveAgent is easy and free, taking only 5 minutes. Plus, there is no setup fee, customer service is available 24/7, and no credit card is required. Start a 7 or 30 day free trial today by signing up with your email or your company email to get a sub-domain for your LiveAgent account.

Live chat agents are employees that answer customer questions and queries through Live chat. They provide answers to customers in real-time.

Who Are Live Chat Agents?

Live chat agents are employees who respond to customer queries via live chat, requiring computer proficiency, product knowledge, and multitasking abilities. They should communicate professionally and respond to queries within three minutes. To improve their efficiency, companies can use tools such as typing tests and customer service software with features like a customer portal. LiveAgent provides a free trial for handling all customer inquiries from one interface. Customer service agents cannot perform tasks beyond their technical capabilities or restricted by the law.

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