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Internal tickets

What are internal tickets?

Internal tickets can be defined as support queries submitted by your employees. Creating a workflow that requires your employees to submit internal tickets when they face problems enables you to manage issues within your organization from a shared centralized inbox.

Internal queries are only visible to your agents and cannot be viewed by any customers or end-users.

Internal ticket
Internal ticket

How can you use internal tickets?

Internal tickets can be used for:

  • Submitting internal support queries
  • Sending internal notes to colleagues
  • Creating tasks for a specific agent/group of agents within a particular department
  • Creating a note/reminder for yourself with the possibility of postponing the internal ticket
Internal tickets
Internal ticket

When you’re creating an internal ticket, you have the option to define:

  • The department you want to assign the ticket to
  • The agent you want to assign the ticket to
  • The customer the ticket is about
  • The subject line 

After defining the fields above, you can create your ticket by simply composing your message or using predefined responses, canned messages, or attachments.

Use internal tickets to assign tasks

Create task reminders for yourself or your colleagues with internal tickets. Try it today with our free 14-day trial. No credit card required.

How to create internal tickets

  1. Log in to LiveAgent.
  2. Click on the + button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen (next to the To solve button and your profile picture).
Internal tickets

3. Click on New internal ticket.

create internal ticket
  1. Click on the Department dropdown menu and select the department you want to assign the ticket to.
  2. Click on the Agent dropdown menu and select the agent you want to assign the ticket to (you can also select yourself).
  3. Optional: Click on the Customer dropdown menu and select the customer that the ticket is about (don’t worry, they won’t be notified or see the ticket).
  4. Click on the Subject field and set a subject for your ticket.
  5. Click on the yellow text box and write your message. Feel free to use attachments, predefined responses, or canned messages.
  6. When you’re ready click on the orange Create button.
internal ticket creation

Where can I see the internal ticket once I’ve created it?

Once you’ve created the internal ticket, you can locate it in your LiveAgent Tickets panel. It will show up as a “New” ticket and contain the subject line you’ve created. To help you distinguish between an internal ticket and a regular ticket, all internal tickets are marked as “internal tickets” in the subject line.

internal ticket in help desk

How can you benefit from the internal tickets feature?

The internal tickets feature can benefit every business and organization in multiple ways, including:

Centralized internal and external support

By having support queries in one place –both internal and external– you’ll ensure your support agents are productive at all times. They won’t have to waste their precious time switching between different devices and monitoring other accounts and tools. 

Faster problem resolution

Higher productivity levels ensure faster problem resolution. You might think that internal tickets don’t require immediate problem resolution; however, you couldn’t be more wrong.

For example, imagine one of your support agents runs into a problem while assisting a customer. They submit a query, but no one is quick to answer them. A lack of a response can then prolong the customer’s ticket resolution time, affecting their satisfaction with your business. Worst case scenario, the customer can be so dissatisfied they churn. 

Performance report in Customer support software - LiveAgent

More satisfaction all around

By having all tickets in one place and answering them promptly, you’ll ensure that both your customers and employees are satisfied. In addition, this will prevent negative customer experiences, employee burnout, and agents feeling helpless from facing customer dissatisfaction.

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What’s the difference between internal tickets and regular tickets?

Internal tickets are queries submitted by your employees, while regular tickets are submitted by your customers. Typically your customers can submit tickets via any communication channel that you’ve connected with your help desk software. These channels could include email, live chat, social media, phone, your knowledge base, contact forms, or even a forum.

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Meanwhile, internal support tickets can only be submitted internally within the help desk, as outlined in the steps above. 

Knowledge base resources

If you want to learn more about internal tickets, check out our knowledge base, blog, academy, or YouTube channel. In addition, we’ve curated some resources that are related to internal tickets and might be of interest to you.

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