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Ticket field

What is ticket field?

Additional information about tickets is stored in Ticket fields. Ticket fields can contain information like customer’s name, gender, email address, phone number, group that they’re assigned to, timezone, browser information, operation system, location (based on the Geo IP plugin) and much more.

Custom ticket fields can be created as well to store additional customer data.

Ticket field


What is a ticket field?

The ticket field is an additional, custom field that helps staff organize information from the customer to help with problem resolution, prioritization, and category determination.


Is it possible to edit ticket fields?

You can edit ticket fields to update the title, description, configure permissions and access, view information, and organize ticket field values. You can also activate (or deactivate) the ticket fields as needed. 


Can you add new ticket fields within a ticket?

You can add new ticket fields to the ticket. You can add more information to it when you reply to or edit a ticket.


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