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Custom fields

What are custom fields?

Sort by type, classify or prioritize chats, emails, messages and other conversations based on different support needs. Create and use Custom fields in a LiveAgent help desk software. These custom fields can be used alongside reports and other processes. Admins are able to add a new or edit an existing custom field. Custom fields are really helpful and time saving.


What are custom fields?

Custom fields are fields that are used to store and represent contact information. Custom fields usually contain full contact history and tags. They are helpful with reports and in specific processes.

What are the types of custom fields in LiveAgent?

In LiveAgent, you can create your own custom fields such as sort by type, categorize and prioritize chat, conversations, messages and emails. The administrator has the ability to add new or change existing custom fields.

Where to edit custom fields in LiveAgent?

You can edit custom fields as long as you have admin or owner rights. You can do this by going to "Configuration", then selecting "System" you will see the "Contact fields" tab. Here you can edit, create, and delete custom fields in Live Agent.

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